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Our mission is to help people at any stage of life make smart financial decisions through research, reporting, reviews, recommendations, and tools. When it comes to local search the Apple Maps’ algorithm is not as sophisticated as Google and can sometimes lead to search errors. For example, I searched for “best sandwich near me” and the results took me to a restaurant named “Best Donut and Deli” 11 miles away.

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You’re shown the number of clicks by people who are looking for turn-by-turn navigation to your business. In the future, even small businesses can expect to even see store visits data.

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However, if I do a much simpler search for “grocery stores” it can accurately populate the closest stores nearby. Its ability to interpret unbranded search queries with modifiers (i.e. best, delicious, new) needs work, which is something that we’re hoping to see in the rebuild. Overall, the Google Maps app for iPhone is fast, lean, and accurate. Heavy navigation users will appreciate its speed and accuracy. Last but not least, you get Google’s years of hard-won experience and all the research and fine-tuning it’s done on a global basis to present the most accurate map and points-of-interest data possible.

Good customer service, excellent webinars, good site for property search with lots of depth, slightly buggy and the UI could be a little slicker but I’m sure that will come with time. We are really please to hear that the team have been helpful. There is so much data and potential with this tool which is quite user friendly, even for those new to property investing. Opinions expressed on this site are the author’s alone, not those of a third-party entity, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed.

Large brands and retailers already have access to such online-to-offline metrics. As per a case study of Nissan, UK – “6% of mobile ad clicks resulted in a store visit.” The ROI softwares was estimated to be around 25x. You should also know that Google has currently decided to show only two ads above the organic search results.

Otherwise, you can ask for reviews via email with a link to your Google My Business page in your message. I’ve written in more detail about how to get more online reviews that you can read, here. Remember that a higher number of 5-star reviews alone doesn’t guarantee a higher placement. The Google My Business dashboard allows you to easily see all of the new reviews and to respond to them.

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There are too many features to list in this review but suffice to say this product is built by people who know what information is needed by property developers to make informed decisions at an early stage. It is often said "Knowledge is power" and this is exactly what Nimbus Maps gives you. What information Nimbus doesn’t provide, it gives you links to sites that can.

The best that you could do is to check the number of reviews and ratings of the first listing in your industry/locality. customize your receipts, so you can toss your ask right in that custom field, making you automatically more likely to get reviews. The best way to get reviews, especially for salons and other service companies, is to ask for them when interacting with customers in person. Most customers are happy to oblige and consider it an extension of your relationship.

These results will be based on past user behavior and other signals that ensure that the ad spots are filled with relevant, local guide, listings. Google has previously experimented with ads inside maps and pushed AdWords location extensions. This is why you don’t necessarily have to focus exclusively on your Google My Business page when asking for reviews. Users are loyal to their favorite social media and review sites. So make it easier to leave a review by offering a Google Maps review link, but welcome reviews at other sites as well.